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Student Champions for Life Get Out Into the Community!

On November 25th, five Life West students visited Cal State East Bay to speak to an Exercise Physiology class about chiropractic. These students are part of a student service group called the Student Champions for Life.

The Student Champions normally serve the profession by leading tours of the school and hosting Champions Weekend. Their mission is to help prospective students gain an authentic and powerful view of the chiropractic profession from a current student perspective. This was the first time the group officially took their mission outside of the school grounds.

The invitation to speak at Cal State East Bay was the brainchild of Student Champion Dan Caballos. Dan contacted CSEB to offer to speak and worked out who he needed to get in contact with to make it happen. Dan explained that the student champions wanted to talk about chiropractic because the CSEB students would likely have patients under chiropractic care in the future. The more they understood about chiropractic, the better they could help their future clients. This approach won him an invite to come into the classroom.

The group prepared for their talk by breaking up the information into segments so each of them could cover a topic. They discussed topics from “what is chiropractic?” to “how to become a chiropractor” and everything between.
After they presented, the Student Champions opened the floor to questions. The CSEB students asked questions like: What’s that popping sound? Is taking Advil bad for you? Will I get arthritis if I pop my knuckles? Why do I need to see a chiropractor for so long?

The class was fully engaged in the conversation and the student champions loved the experience of serving.
Dan told us, “My favorite part was the class asking if we would adjust them. Ha ha!”
Dan and the rest of the student champions are eager to repeat this project. Dan relates, “I loved the feedback from the kinesiology professor. He told us we can come back to speak at anytime and to consider him our contact for the department.”

Congratulations to this team of students who represent a shining example of how easy and how rewarding it can be to get involved in spreading the word of chiropractic into your community. A special Champions thank you goes out to Dan Ceballos, Jenessa Dyke, James Evan, Joe Zingone and Kevin Carey.

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