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For Principal and Co-Principal Investigators

Research at Life Chiropractic College West

Principal and Co-Principal Investigators:
Eligibility, Roles, Rights, Responsibilities, and Obligations

Any research conducted under the auspices of Life Chiropractic College West (LCCW) as the primary sponsoring institution, and/or submitted for review/approval by the LCCW Institutional Review Board (LCCW-IRB), must list as Principal Investigator (PI) on the research project, one who holds a formal appointment with LCCW as Faculty, or Research Staff, or Research Adjunct. Persons eligible for designation as PI are also eligible to be designated as Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI). Visiting Scholars, Emeritus or Extension Faculty, or Post-Doctoral Fellows may only serve as PI or Co-PI if they are eligible by having an institutional appointment in one of the categories listed above; otherwise they may only serve as Co-Investigator. Neither undergraduate students nor graduate students nor chiropractic students may be designated as PIs or Co-PIs. On the Student Research Proposal application to the IRB, the student’s mentor/advisor shall be the PI of record and responsible for the conduct and oversight of the research project; the student may be listed as Co-Investigator on the IRB application, at the discretion of the mentor/adviser.

Being granted PI and Co-PI status is a privilege granted to eligible LCCW personnel who meet the criteria identified above. All persons granted PI and Co-PI authority must accept all of the responsibilities associated with the application for, and administration of, research projects sponsored by LCCW. Each PI and Co-PI certifies with every research proposal submission that all information provided is true and complete and that the research proposal conforms to the LCCW policies and procedures applicable to research activities sponsored by LCCW.

In order to be certified as a PI or Co-PI, a researcher must confirm that he/she will comply with all regulatory compliance directives; that all information submitted within the proposal is true, complete, and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge; that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject the investigator(s) to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties; and that the investigators(s) agree to accept responsibility for the conduct of the research project and to provide all required reports as applicable if a project receives institutional approval or funding (intramural or extramural), as a result of the proposal.

Upon receiving institutional approval or accepting funding (intramural or extramural), each PI , Co-PI, Co-Investigator and other project key personnel must also confirm that he/she will be responsible for project management of the award and agree to carry out the project with the highest professional standards and within the time period awarded. The PI assumes responsibility to read, understand, and comply with all of the terms and conditions contained in the award. Finally, the PI must confirm that he/she understands his/her responsibility to abide by LCCW and other sponsor policies, procedures and directives for the proper administration of sponsored projects. In addition to the ethical, legal, and regulatory compliances, the PI has an obligation to safeguard the reputation of LCCW and to ensure that project funds and other LCCW institutional resources such as materials, space, and personnel time are used judiciously, effectively, efficiently, safely, and securely.

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