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Chiropractic as a career

Why Choose to earn your Chiropractic Degree at Life West?

In a world where health care professionals have the prescription pad at the ready, chiropractic care provides a meaningful alternative that goes light-years beyond cracking backs.

Life West’s clinically driven curriculum and whole-body health care approach allows our graduates to play a major role in the care of their patients, paving the way for measurable and meaningful results without the pharmaceutical-first approach all too common today.

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Important Numbers

Life West At a Glance


Students enrolled


Student-to-staff ratio

12-14 Quarters

Typical graduation timeline


Average salary for California chiropractors
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Clinically Inspired Learning

A robust mix of Clinical Experience and Academics

Traditionally, chiropractic students take a sequential path — spending the first half (or more) of the program in a strictly academic classroom environment before transitioning to more hands-on, clinical experiences.

At Life West, immersing students in the clinical component of the curriculum happens in parallel with academic studies, enabling students to learn the practical application of their work in tandem with their classroom studies.

Life West students begin getting hands-on experience significantly earlier than any other program and graduate with many more hours of clinical experience — offering a huge advantage for knowledge retention and being truly confident and prepared for a post-graduation transition to a Doctor of Chiropractic.

What is Clinically-Inspired Learning and Why Does it Matter?

Why Life West?

Producing results with a chance to save on your tuition

Life West is a non-profit school. While there’s no such thing as an inexpensive doctoral degree, Life West is extremely proud of a track record of creating practice-ready chiropractors while simultaneously delivering a program designed to help our students save on the cost of education.

A flat quarterly tuition rate

Life West students pay a flat quarterly tuition rate, which provides two core benefits:

  1. Students may explore techniques and specialties that interest them through elective courses without incurring additional debt.
  2. Students can choose an accelerated 12-quarter program to save a full two quarters in tuition costs.

Preceptorships where you want to live

As part of our curriculum, students are encouraged to complete their final quarter(s) in preceptorships outside of the college, moving the academic portion of their chiropractic education online. While not a direct tuition savings, this means students may find a preceptorship where ever they’d like. Students can leverage this opportunity to focus on a specialization, work with a preferred mentor doctor, work abroad or simply find a location with a low cost of living.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Chiropractic student exploring options for switching schools to Life West
Life west students working on a service mission to India

Our Philosophy

Give. Do. Love. Serve.
Invaluable experience and an opportunity to change lives

A guiding principle that you’ll hear early and often at Life West: “Give, do, love, serve — from a place of abundance.”

Life West graduates are poised to enjoy long, successful and profitable careers as Doctors of Chiropractic. We hope to root that success in the mindset of giving back and paying forward.

Life West operates serveral global service initiatives including ongoing service trips to India, Tonga and Panama,  as well as here at home in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve teamed up with companies in the chiropractic community to help sponsor these trips. That means students are able to join the service trips for a heavily subsidized and very reasonable cost.

A Day in the Life

From San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, this is Life @ Life West

Life West is extremely fortunate to have a fantastic campus filled with amazing students – all in this incredible geographic location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Let’s be real: Earning a doctorate of chiropractic is going to consume a significant amount of your focus, energy and time for ~3 years. Along that journey, you’ll forge lifetime friendships with some of the most genuine students you can imagine and experience unforgettable moments together. Why not experience them here? From the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and beyond, find countless opportunities to explore & enjoy all that Northern California has to offer.

Life @ Life West – From the Students’ Perspective

Sports & Student Life

National Rugby Champions and caring for athletes

Life West has a proud tradition of competitive and recreational sports programs, including our 2018 D1 National Champion Women’s Rugby team.

Within the context of our curriculum, professional athletes often have a chiropractor providing regular care as part of their normal training routine. Life West students may choose to attend sporting events with faculty members who specialize in adjusting athletes in order to gain experience and knowledge in this area of chiropractic. The Life West Sports Performance Institute program has longstanding partnerships with Dew Tour and AVPFirst, and students who participate in the program gain valuable experience providing hands-on care to world-class athletes.

Learn more about athletics at Life West
Learn more about the Sports Performance Institute

Life West Women's Rugby Team - 2018 D1 National Champions

DCs, Alumni + Friends

Help advance the chiropractic field

Life West is on a mission to create a better future for humanity, and we'd love for you to be part of that. Both time and financial contributions are a critical component of advancing the science, the art and the philosophy of chiropractic. If you're a DC, your support in referring great doctoral candidates is appreciated immensely. On the financial side, Life West has a number of ways to give, from helping to fund student scholarships to supporting scientific research.

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