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Life West-Sponsored International Research

The Life Chiropractic College West Research Compliance Office and Institutional Review Board (LCCW-IRB) review and monitor all International Research involving human subjects, that is conducted under the auspices of, or in collaboration with, Life West, regardless of location or funding source. Human subjects research is defined by the Common Rule.

Life West faculty, staff, and affiliates, such as visiting scholars, ascertain or establish their eligibility to submit their human subjects research for review by the LCCW-IRB by contacting the Research Department at research@lifewest.edu.

The IRB at Life West applies the Common Rule as a framework to review all human subjects research conducted by or on behalf of the college regardless of location or funding source: federal, state, local, international, private or unsponsored. For human subjects research conducted in international settings,  additional local regulations and international standards apply and are generally also overseen by ethics oversight committees in the countries where the research takes place. Investigators are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions and ensuring that their international research conforms to ethics and safety rules in those jurisdictions (local and national). The actions of Life West officials, researchers, and staff must also comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Equivalent Protections

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states that the requirements of HHS regulations must be satisfied for all HHS-conducted or -supported research covered, regardless of whether the research is conducted domestically or internationally. The U.S. Office of Human Research Protection’s (OHRP) International Program works to ensure that human subjects outside of the United States who participate in research projects conducted or funded by HHS receive, at a minimum, an equal level of protection as research participants inside the United States. Life West applies these frameworks to all international research involving human subjects, regardless of funding source.

Additional Considerations

Following the guidance of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS), Life Chiropractic College West recognizes that research conducted in low-resources settings requires additional scrutiny. Before instituting a plan to undertake research in a population or community in low-resource settings, the sponsor, researchers, and relevant health authorities must ensure that the research is responsive to the health needs or priorities of the communities or populations where the research will be conducted. Any intervention or product developed, and knowledge generated, should be shared with the community in which the research is carried out.

For more information about International Human Subjects Research, please contact the Research Department at research@lifewest.edu. We welcome the opportunity to provide information and assistance to all eligible researchers (Life West faculty, staff, affiliates) interested in submitting an IRB application to conduct International Human Subjects Research under the auspices of Life Chiropractic College West.