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New group of future DCs kicks off their career with Life West

Life Chiropractic College West welcomes new students today with its quarterly orientation program, one that features stories from the incoming future chiropractors and sessions hosted by mentors, guides, and administrators. More than 60 incoming students are attending the daylong event, and many say they were drawn to Life West by the opportunity to change lives by providing holistic care.

“I’d been working in health insurance, and it wasn’t quite the fulfilling career I’d hoped for,” Erin Keitel said. “I’ve received chiropractic care since I was younger, and I’ve seen how chiropractors have helped my friends and family. I was inspired to go into the profession and help share this.”

“I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want out of life,” Emily Sandel said. “I’ve always been interested in healing the body from within, and I thought this would be a fulfilling and sustainable career. That’s what led me here.”

In addition to describing what drew them to chiropractic, several new students explained why they chose to study at Life West.

“What brought me here was the clinic-based program,” Manvir Bassi said. “It’s a lot different than programs at other schools, and it stood out to me. It’s why I thought it’d be a great fit.”

“I toured Life West two years ago in the spring and fell in love with the campus and the inclusiveness of the school,” Justin Hannah said. “They explained what chiropractic is and how it can help people naturally. I’m very excited to start at Life West.”

Ron Oberstein, DC

Life West President Ron Oberstein, DC, was one of the first speakers on the program. He used his time to reinforce the school’s commitments to its students and his vision of what they will accomplish as chiropractors.

“Our goal is to have every single one of you move through this program and graduate,” he said. “Every single one of you means the world to us. I look at you as change agents, people who are going to go out there and make a difference in this world. Whoever you touch, whatever communities you go to, you are going to make a difference.”

The schedule of events also included remarks from members of the college’s admissions team, many of whom worked closely with students as they applied to the college.

“This is my favorite day of the quarter,” said Life West recruiter Aaron Sanchez. “I absolutely love meeting new students and hearing their stories. I recognize some faces, and it’s great to welcome everybody to the Life West family.”

“We truly are a community, and that’s what’s special about Life West,” added Director of Enrollment Marc Martin. “I hope you feel how excited we are and how much we care about you. We want to hear more. We want to hear about your successes while you’re in school, too.”

New students were also addressed by the heads of the school’s academic departments, members of Student Council, and staff members from Student Life. The winter quarter begins on Monday, Jan. 11, and among the first week of activities for new and returning students is an online Activities Fair on Friday, Jan. 15.

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