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June CE calendar heats up with a course by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Life Chiropractic College West’s June calendar for Continuing Education is sizzling––jam-packed with courses guaranteed to improve your skills while augmenting your knowledge about technique and philosophy with research and information to facilitate care for your patients.

As we step into the first month of summer, Life West will host a two-day CE course on June 1-2 about the science of vitalism. Also scheduled in June are a four-day CE course held over two separate weekends on chiropractic techniques and a live seminar on the gut-brain axis. Life West’s CE courses provide several opportunities for alumni and area chiropractors to fulfill state-mandated CE requirements for the year.

Engaging the Science of Vitalism In Practice and In Life

  • Saturday, June 1, 12–8 pm
  • Sunday, June 2, 8 am – 12 pm
  • Bruce H. Lipton, PhD; Jeff Rockwell, DC; and Omri Sitton, DC
  • 12 CE hours General

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Along with two special guests, Dr. Bruce Lipton—stem cell biologist, the best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace award—will be leading this can’t-miss seminar centering on the ability to change one’s life by changing one’s beliefs and perceptions.

A frequent radio and TV show speaker and a highly sought-after national and international keynote presenter, Dr. Lipton earned his doctorate degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville and joined the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine. His muscular dystrophy research employing cloned human stem cells focused on the molecular mechanisms controlling cell behavior. Published in the Journal of Science, Lipton and another colleague’s experimental tissue transplantation technique was later utilized as an innovative form of human genetic engineering.

By examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems, he produced breakthrough studies revealing that the outer membrane layer of a cell acts as its brain. In contradiction to the scientific community’s prevailing view that life is controlled by the gene, more of Dr. Lipton’s research found that the environment, operating through the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. These conclusions spawned two major scientific publications that defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body, and his concepts and ideas have since been validated by other researchers.

Join Dr. Lipton, Dr. Rockwell and Dr. Sitton for an illustrated and animated presentation that will inspire your spirit, engage your mind, and challenge your creativity. You’ll learn about the recently discovered third branch of the autonomic nervous system—the social nervous system—and how to activate it for healthier and happier living via fun-to-do neuro-activities and exercises that will boost the function of this extremely important aspect of one’s health. And if you’ve ever experienced the frustration of patients’ adjustments not holding, or wonder why their subluxations continue to return, learn how to distinguish whether your patients are “stuck“ in sympathetic or parasympathetic defense modes and how to perform gentle nerve mobilizations to bring a person back to a more vital and socially engaged state. Register here.

Balancing the Two Brains: The Gut – Brain – Sensory Axis for Chiropractors

  • Saturday, June 29, 1–8 pm
  • Sunday, June 30, 8 am–1 pm
  • Monika Buerger, DC
  • 12 CE hours General

Dr. Monika Buerger

Join Life West graduate Dr. Monika Buerger as she discusses the connection between the gut, the brain and the immune system (the core of our physical and mental health) from a neurophysiological standpoint, along with the biomechanical aspects related to gut-brain disruption that are pertinent to the chiropractic profession. Buerger will address the consequences of emotional and/or physical trauma, concussions and whiplash injuries to the gut-brain-immune axis, and adjustments/techniques that chiropractors can employ to heal this bi-directional axis and change the trajectory of life for patients of all ages! Register here.

Also a four-day live ART Spine course, 80% hands-on / 20% lecture, will be held in June:

Active Release Techniques (ART) – Spine Level 1

  • June 1 – June 2 & June 29 – June 30 (both weekends required)
  • Saturday, June 1: 11:30 am registration; 12–5 pm
  • Sunday, June 2: 8 am–5 pm
  • Saturday, June 29: 8 am–5 pm
  • Sunday, June 30: 7:30 am – 12 pm
  • Michael Leahy, DC, ART
  • 22 CE hours General

The ART Spine Course is designed to identify and effectively treat common issues that involve the cervical, lumbar and thoracic spine, emphasizing the manipulation of the neuro-musculoskeletal system to diagnose and correct alterations in tissue texture, tension, movement and function. Please note that testing occurs in 20-minute increments between 7:30 am and 12 pm, so please plan travel accordingly. Register here.

About Life West CE

Life West makes it easy and engaging for alumni and area chiropractors to fulfill their mandated CE requirements. The June calendar of CE courses and live seminars are conducted by industry-leading chiropractors.

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