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Cadaver lab course among offerings on Life West CE calendar

Life Chiropractic College West’s Postgraduate & Continuing Education department has an exciting line-up planned for February and March. Most of the courses, all taught by practicing chiropractors, will be held on the Hayward, California campus, but one interesting offering just added to the calendar will be held in Seattle. This is the first time Life West has offered a CE course in Seattle, CE Director Laurie Isenberg said. That course focuses on upper extremity adjusting.

Dr. Kunsman

Although these programs are designed for practicing chiropractors who need to fulfill state requirements, some of them may also appeal to the curious or those practicing alternative care, Isenberg said. For example, on Feb. 9 Life West will open its doors to the cadaver lab for a course on Human Anatomy for Health and Fitness Professionals.

This course, taught as a 6-hour course on one day or a 12-hour course over two days by Dr. James Kunsman, could be interesting to acupuncturists, physical therapists and others who need to know a lot about human anatomy for their work. The format aims to help participants boost their understanding of how the body works, and the ways in which different anomalies and conditions might influence the biomechanics of a subject. For those studying or practicing chiropractic, this is a chance to study human anatomy in a laboratory setting and see how the adjustment influences both biomechanics and neurology.

Dr. Mulhall-Wright

Also in February, Life West’s Hayward campus will host a CE Saturday on Saturday, Feb. 23. This is an opportunity to earn all required live CE hours in one go, taught by chiropractors with Life West connections, and the event features two classes that are new this year:

The CE Saturday also includes a course on Ethics, Law & Preventing HIPAA Audits in a Social Media World, with Dr. Michelle Massa.

Dr. Hearon

Isenberg said she’s just confirmed a new course in the Seattle area on Saturday and Sunday, March 2-3, called Advanced Principles of Upper Extremity Adjusting. The course, taught by Dr. Kevin Hearon, fills 15 CE hours including 10 Exam/Technique and two for X-Ray. The course intends to teach participants a new approach to diagnosing subluxations affecting the shoulder, arm and hand. Isenberg said, “I’m very excited about bringing this amazing doctor, who founded the Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner (CCEP) certificate series, available in full at Life West. He will be teaching his unique approach to muscle testing and adjusting subluxations in the extremities.”

Dr. Hearon is the president of the Council on Extremity Adjusting, an educational organization that teaches chiropractors how to adjust the extremities. He has more than 35 years of experience in practicing.

See what else Life West has to offer, both online and in-person, at ce.lifewest.edu. Or call (510) 780-4508 to reserve your seat and start earning your CE credits.





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