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Champions Weekend

When Josh came to Champions Weekend he wasn’t sure he wanted to become a chiropractor. He knew he wanted to help people and make a difference in the world but he didn’t know exactly how. He was planning to go to med school or maybe PT school. A chiropractor he knew a little had been telling him what a great job she had, but frankly, he was a little skeptical. It all seemed pretty out there. But after Champions Weekend and two days on campus he had a whole new perspective on things. He had new information, new friends, and had chosen a new career – to become a chiropractor – with passion and commitment.

Every quarter Life West hosts a weekend for prospective students called Champions Weekend. This weekend is all about authenticity. As Dean of Enrollment, Mary Flannery describes it, “It is about showing, rather than telling people about becoming a student at Life West and becoming an empowered chiropractor.”

This project has been integral in rebuilding the enrollment program at Life West. Since 2012, Life West enrollment team has held nine champions weekends and has hosted well over 600 prospective students, from across the US and even from other countries. The event is run by the enrollment department and occurs on a Friday and Saturday near the start of every quarter.

Julie came to Champions Weekend knowing that she wanted to become a chiropractor, but she was confused about how to choose a chiropractic school. She was overwhelmed by all the marketing materials and could understand what made one school different from another. Champions Weekend allowed her to sift through the hype and hoopla and determine the aspects that really mattered to her. She discovered how much passion she has for chiropractic philosophy and how Life West allowed her education to be more than just passing boards. She is confident that she will be able to become a successful chiropractor who is really making a difference in the world and empowering people to make changes. That makes her really excited.

The potential students usually bring a guest (a parent, a best friend, a partner, spouse or sibling) and come to see what the school is really all about. They are hosted in a hotel for a night, have transportation to and from the Oakland airport, and are fed tasty organic meals. And they learn about chiropractic. They learn the philosophy of chiropractic, the things to look for as they select the best chiropractic college for them, and even how to grow as a person and overcome obstacles to coming to school. The weekend is a resource rich experience that really changes how people think.

Champions Weekend is for doctors too. Sometimes, chiropractors come with the prospective students they have referred. Some Champion Doctors come to mentor the students and soak up the spizz and energy. New Champion Doctors come to collaborate and learn how to make the Champions Program goals simple and effective to achieve. Most doctors tell us that they were not sure why they came the first time, but after they came once, they want to find ways to keep coming.

Do you want to find a way to get in on all the buzz? If you’d like to refer a student to the Champions Weekend, please send them to www.lifewestchampions.com. Or maybe you want to come see for yourself? It’s simple. Go to the Champions website to find more details and pick a date to attend.

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