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The Art of Chiropractic: Tonal / NetworkSpinal

Dr. Donny Epstein, tonal technique, NetworkSpinal

This article on the tonal technique of NetworkSpinal is based on an interview with Dr. Donny Epstein. It is part of a collection of articles on different techniques in the Art of Chiropractic. Please find additional articles on the Art of Chiropractic on our website at lifewest.edu/magazine under the category “Vitalism” in the coming weeks.

Donny Epstein, DC

Founded 1984

Dr. Epstein says the origin of NetworkSpinal, which involves gentle touch to specific areas of the spine, came when he started looking at chiropractic from a global perspective.

NetworkSpinal, the latest evolution of Network Spinal Analysis, goes way beyond a technique, he said, calling it an assessment tool that measures and invigorates the advancement, development and coherence of the central nervous system based upon the respiratory and somatopsychic waves that move through the body with Network care. As care progresses, there is a constructive innate reorganization and adjustment of the spine and central nervous system, which can push patients/practice members beyond restoration into new possibilities in healing, experiencing and living.

“Network is delivering the original promise of chiropractic, which is to allow the vibrational universal wisdom of the universe to be transferred through the nervous system into the nerves,” Dr. Epstein said. That innate intelligence expresses in a vibrational or acoustic wave, which creates changes in the body that lead to more than just good health, with a goal of optimal expression of life.

What’s happening now

Dr. Epstein says this spinal-based healing system seeks to help a person evolve beyond restoration, upgrading their ability to operate at a whole new level through greater energy efficiency and central nervous system coherence.

NetworkSpinal is based on the model of EpiHealing, which Dr. Epstein says is beyond ordinary healing. Network can bring a person to a new emerging level of healing, spinal and neural integrity and awareness. Vitalistic colleges such as Life West teach the technique.

“The challenge I have as a health care professional is that most schools have narrowed their original philosophical approach,” he said. “I’m still holding onto and evolving the original torch. What I’ve done is what BJ Palmer asked for – I’ve integrated the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic together.”

What’s ahead

“NetworkSpinal and evolutions to come will continue to be at the leading edge of what is possible because new changes are needed for humanity,” Dr. Epstein said.

As more information needs to be expressed in every moment, technologies that were key in their time may not be effective anymore, he explained. As humans adapt and evolve, the NetworkSpinal technique adapts and evolves with them.

“As human nervous systems are being asked to respond to a greater bandwidth, as shifts happen in many different ways, politically, economically, socially … systems must develop,” he said. Network care helps human systems communicate more effectively and creates that bridge to provide the path toward more potential.

With technology advances, Dr. Epstein also foresees a change in the way the energy wave created by Network care is visualized.

“I expect as time goes on, this wave will continue to become more refined and less dramatic in appearance,” he said. Waves that have been large and well-documented in research are becoming smaller and more efficient. “We will need technology to help us visualize new ways that people are adapting and reorganizing their innate signals.”

Academic studies he pointed to use surface electromyogram (EMG) readings to measure spinal and CNS coherence and new levels of self-organization. “Refinements in our understanding of these principles through leading-edge research to the higher levels of human expression will call for different approaches and more refined applications,” Dr. Epstein said. “As culture shifts, people have different needs to expand what is humanly possible. We use chiropractic to expand health, to advance in life, and to create synergy between people and the future of humanity.”




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