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Practice Management: Q&A with Dr. Brad Glowaki

Often referred to as “Dr. Glow,” Brad Glowaki, DC, manages a million-dollar practice in Seal Beach, California. His honors include the 2012 Parker Seminars Chiropractor of the Year award and the 2008 California Chiropractic Association (CCA) Doctor of the Year award. Among his patients are world-class athletes such as three-time Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor and baseball stars Christian Yelich and Josh Hamilton, and he has amassed more than 10,000 hours of public speaking at conferences and seminars.

“Dr. Glow” leads a seminar with Life West students.

Recently, Dr. Glowaki was a guest of Life West at both the college’s weekly seminar and a special discussion with students eager to learn more about the business side of chiropractic. The speaking arrangements, facilitated by Life West Career Services, serve a mission to help new and soon-to-be graduates be truly practice-ready when they graduate.

Between his two engagements, Dr. Glowaki took some time to answer several questions about practice management and communicating with new and potential patients.

What skills does a prospective chiropractor need in order to be a good communicator?

DR. GLOW: What they really need is a willingness to learn. Communication is not a born talent for everybody. It’s a skill, and I would say that you’re not a hostage to your talent. Be willing to learn, because anyone can be taught.

What do chiropractors need to know on Day 1 of having a practice?

DR. GLOW: The golden rule is that you have to stay in agreement. When you lose agreement, you lose the ability to influence. Influence is all about coming from a place of agreement, finding common ground and expanding those borders. However, if you crash into somebody’s belief systems, you lose the ability to influence, and now you’re in an argument and the odd man or woman out of the conversation. Chiropractors need to learn to stay in agreement and have the ability to influence.

What do chiropractors need to know on Day 2?

DR. GLOW: My philosophy is, “create buyers.” We need to stop the push, the sell, the grind. It’s not doing our profession any good. Package it in a way where you can package against objections. Their objections need to be your objectives. We already know what they are. They’re usually time, energy and money. You need to package against the objections and go with a mindset that you’re creating buyers. Make it an appealing process.

What do you wish you knew when you were starting out?

DR. GLOW: Work is required, but struggle is not. You get to work, and practice gets fun really quick.

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