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End-of-the-year travels take Life West messages around globe

Posing with Dr. Mark Zeigler and Life West alumni.

While students are speeding through the fall quarter at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, President Ron Oberstein has been zipping around the globe, sharing Life West’s mission with others.

In October, Dr. Oberstein was in Israel, Norway, and the U.K. – on the road and talking to alumni, prospective students, and friends of the college. He hosted President’s Receptions on these trips, where he gave a State of the College presentation and asked for support for Life West’s vision.

Dr. Oberstein speaks at many conferences, and this trip was no different. Before leaving for the Middle East, Dr. Oberstein was in San Diego for a presentation on chiropractic and its role in global healthcare. The presentation for the California Chiropractic Association included the salutogenic health model.

The next day, Dr. Oberstein flew to Tel Aviv. While in Israel, he also visited Jerusalem and Haifa, meeting with alumni and friends of the college. The Israel Chiropractic Society (ICS) invited Dr. Oberstein to a reception, where he discussed the many advances Life West is making in its academic and research programs along with chiropractic’s role in global health. Five Life West Alumni were there to attend the dinner and presentation, which included a surprise birthday cake for Dr. Oberstein.

He said this was the first time Life West has been invited to speak with members of the ICS, and he’s happy to kick off a new relationship with the group.

The next stop was Oslo, Norway, where Norwegian chiropractors interested in Life West’s academic programs and research heard from Dr. Oberstein on the college’s commitment to the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic. This was a follow-up trip for Dr. Oberstein, who also visited Norway this summer, and he said he is thrilled to be growing that connection.

While in London next, Dr. Oberstein gave an address at the World Federation of Chiropractic’s (WFC) 10th Chiropractic Education Conference. He talked about how to inspire students both inside and outside of the classrooms, teaching them to keep purposeful connections in the forefront as they pursue a career. He wasn’t alone: Life West’s Dean of Clinical Education, Dr. Tamara MacIntyre, presented her research poster later in the conference.

Dr. Oberstein gives a presentation while visiting the U.K. in October.

In Windsor, England the same week, Dr. Ron Oberstein was joined by Life West’s Chairman of the Board Dr. Jimmy Nanda and the college’s VP of Institutional Advancement Dr. Mark Zeigler as they presented Life West’s mission and vision to chiropractors and prospective students.

Dr. Oberstein recently returned from another President’s Reception in San Diego, California. More than 40 chiropractors and prospective students attended that and heard from the president about Life West’s goals. Also on board for November are receptions in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado, and Reno, Nevada.

These presidential receptions and speaking engagements with chiropractors and prospective students from the U.S. and around the globe are part of a bigger mission to bring chiropractic to the world. More information on how to support Life West is available online. To attend one of November’s college receptions, email alumni@lifewest.edu.

Also coming up in November and December are service trips to India and Tonga. Dr. Oberstein will be among the faculty traveling with senior interns from Life West, who will go to these countries to serve from their abundance and offer free chiropractic care. The trips also provide Life West students with the chance to be immersed in diverse cultural experiences.

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