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Life Chiropractic College West’s Sports Performance Institute

Life West is proud to present our new Sports Performance Institute and Sports Chiropractic educational program.

Life Chiropractic College West’s Sport Performance Institute is built on the philosophy of vitalism, which makes the program unusual in chiropractic education. A vitalistic philosophy recognizes the inherent ability of the body to self-organize and heal. This philosophy is especially valuable to athletes as they pursue optimal function.

Most people recognize how a chiropractic adjustment benefits athletes in pain management and recovery from an injury. Professional athletes have slowly come to rely on chiropractors in their training and recovery teams – but, there is so much more that chiropractic offers to all athletes.

Life West’s Sports Performance Institute is focused on the belief that a subluxation-free athlete will perform better, regardless of pain and injury. In fact, when under great chiropractic care, the athlete will be less likely to be injured.

When we consider the powerful and intricate relationship between the brain and the proprioceptive senses, it becomes clear that chiropractic adjustments affect the body and the brain in powerful ways that have significant value for anyone who focuses on physical performance.

Life West is dedicated to training chiropractors to become powerful agents in helping athletes to manage their injuries and also to excel in their personal expression of health, wellness, vitality and peak performance, by focusing on removing subluxations.

Life West’s Sports Performance Institute is available to our students in three parts. Students can join the SPI club on campus, take an SPI elective or join the Sports Performance Institute.

Students are mentored by a strong roster of faculty members with years of experience caring for athletes from pro teams and world class competitors, to high school athletes. Our faculty have cared for the Oakland A’s, The Cal Berkeley Bears, and many Olympic athletes.

Life West is excited to change the sports chiropractic world and share chiropractic’s vitalistic message with athletes everywhere.

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