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Student Ambassador Luke Choi: Chiropractic speaks to me as a person

Life West Student Ambassador Luke Choi
Life West Student Ambassador Luke Choi, center

Student Ambassador Luke Choi

Fullerton, California

What was your first experience with chiropractic?

I saw a job listing at a chiropractic office. That was my first time being in a chiropractic office, and I’d worked there for a week when the chiropractor said, “You should be under care.”

I didn’t think I needed care at that time. I didn’t live a very active lifestyle, and I wasn’t outstanding physically or in pain anywhere. He told me chiropractic is preventive, and that it’s not something you have to be in pain for. It was the first time I fully understood what my body was like.


What inspired you to become a chiropractor?

I was a sociology major with an emphasis on public health. Originally, I wanted to be a social worker to help people with lower incomes. That’s where my heart was, to help people who were less fortunate than I was because I was born with all these privileges that I wasn’t even aware of.

When I talked to the chiropractor I was working for, he mentioned he went on service trips and visited shelters to help people regain their lives. He was always talking about how he became a chiropractor to help out “that single mother with three kids.” That really spoke to me as a person, because if I could provide care to someone less fortunate than myself in ways that are beneficial to their life and well-being, that would speak to me on a whole different level.


What is it like to be a mentor for your peers?

Whenever I work with someone, I try to say, “This is how I approach this, because I was struggling with this aspect.” I tell them where my struggles were, and a lot of people seem to appreciate that.

My mentorship style is to approach it more as a sibling relationship. We talk, and sometimes there’s a bit of conflict, but ultimately that benefits the relationship and builds up a knowledge base. It promotes conversations around conflicting ideas in a safe space.


What do you look for in a chiropractic mentor?

I look for someone who’s authentic as a person and cares about me enough to help me progress. I look for someone who genuinely cares about my growth and is willing to put in the time and effort to help me.

Coming from a sociology background, I tend to see things a bit differently than other people. In that sense, sometimes I’m ahead and sometimes I’m behind. Understanding that need for occasional patience is much appreciated.


Why did you apply to be a Student Ambassador?

I applied to help people decide what they want to do. I wanted to be part of the trajectory where I could help people branch out.

When I tell people I was a sociology major, they ask, “How did you decide you wanted to be a chiropractor?” My answer is that I opened up my mind a bit more, and I want to help people get a bit more open-minded to their potential career fields and what they actually want to pursue.


What is your favorite thing about Champions Discovery Weekend?

My favorite part is the excitement that comes with people realizing they want to be chiropractors. They come in, and sometimes they’re still figuring things out. Seeing the excitement that grows over Champions Discovery Weekend really rejuvenates me as a person. It’s a nice reminder that what we’re doing is exciting, and people genuinely feel callings to do this.

Use one word to describe your Life West experience so far.

Fire. There’s a quote from St. Ignatius that reads, “Go forth and set the world on fire,” which means to change the world and be that flame people can follow.

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