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Remembering Dr. James Sigafoose

Life West mourns the passing of James M. Sigafoose, DC, FICA, on July 3, 2014. Dr. Sigafoose was home with his family at the time of his death. Dr. Sigafoose is survived by his wife, Patricia Ann Sigafoose; sons, Dr. Kieth H. Sigafoose, Dr. Daun A. Sigafoose and Dr. Carey M. Sigafoose; daughters, Dr. Tina A. Sigafoose and Dr. Selina M. Sigafoose Jackson and husband, Dr. Kevin Jackson; and eight grandchildren.

Dr. Sigafoose is recognized for outstanding contributions to the chiropractic profession. He was involved in the founding of Life University in Atlanta, GA. He was world-renowned chiropractic speaker and author and a mentor to many chiropractors across the world.

As a graduate of National College, Dr. Sigafoose was an outspoken proponent of the importance of chiropractic philosophy as the essential underpinning of a chiropractic education. He was known as a straight-shooter who always advocated for the critical importance of focusing on the unique ways a chiropractor can serve humanity by addressing the subluxation.

Dr. Sigafoose will be greatly missed by many, including all of the students and faculty at Life Chiropractic College West.


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