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Drs. Buerger, Murphy, and Hoffman to deliver February’s CE courses

The month of February brings three two-day continuing education sessions from Life Chiropractic College West. These live sessions will be led by world-class chiropractic lecturers and practitioners, and chiropractors can earn up to 20 CE hours by attending all three courses.

These sessions cover a variety of topics, including the Polyvagal Theory, immunology, and ethics. They’ll be led by Monika Buerger, DC, Dan Murphy, DC, and Stu Hoffman, DC. There is also one more session remaining in January, which will be led by Derrell Blackburn, DC, and focus on patient-centered care.

“I hope that you will continue to keep Life West close to your heart and join us live online or on campus to earn all of your CE hours,” said Life West Director of Postgraduate and Continuing Education Laurie Isenberg. “Revenue from Life West CE supports the next generation of chiropractors, so you get double the benefits: Great education and a thriving profession.”

Isenberg added that chiropractors with birthdays from March through December 2020 are coming up on this year’s CE deadline. Those doctors must earn their CE hours before Thursday, April 22.

More information on Life West’s upcoming CE sessions can be viewed below.

Patient-Centered Chiropractic: Delivering Quality Care from Start to Finish [LIVE ONLINE]

Derrell Blackburn, DC

  • Derrell Blackburn, DC
  • 8 – 9:40 am, Tuesday, Jan. 26, and Thursday, Jan. 28
  • 4 Exam/Technique CE hours

Patient-centered chiropractic is designed to explain the significant aspects of delivering quality care, facilitating the healing journey of the patient from start to finish. Each team member in a chiropractic office participates in quality care and delivers the results the patient needs to get from where they are to where they want to be. This seminar helps you approach care from a biopsychosocial model, which considers the full health of the patient.

Chiropractic and the Polyvagal Theory Made Easy and Applicable [LIVE ONLINE]

Monika Buerger, DC

  • Monika Buerger, DC
  • 8 – 9:40 am, Tuesday, Feb. 2, and Tuesday, Feb, 9
  • 4 general CE hours

Join Dr. Buerger as she breaks down the Polyvagal Theory into easy-to-understand, bite-size pieces to help chiropractors and their staff better understand and communicate the importance of the vagus nerve. Chiropractors will also learn how to apply these principles to everyday practice.

Concepts in Chiropractic and Immunology [LIVE ONLINE]

Dan Murphy, DC

  • Dan Murphy, DC
  • 12 – 8 pm, Saturday, Feb. 20; 8 am – 12 pm, Sunday, Feb. 21
  • 12 CE hours; 2 ethics, 5 exam/technique, 5 general

Dr. Murphy will guide you through the details of immunology, neuroanatomy, and the chiropractic adjustment. He’ll present the historical context and bring you right up to the minute with the latest peer-reviewed literature from a number of disciplines. Chiropractors will leave armed with deep knowledge of chiropractic and immunity, as well as the relevant tools necessary for a thriving practice.

Clinician Ethics, Professional Boundaries, and Risk Management [LIVE ONLINE]

Stu Hoffman, DC

  • Stu Hoffman, DC, and Eric Hoffman
  • 8 – 9:40 am, Tuesday, Feb. 23, and Thursday, Feb. 25
  • 4 ethics CE hours

Dr. Hoffman’s course will integrate the principles of professionalism, ethics and risk management into the everyday clinical practice of the chiropractic physician. Dr. Hoffman brings years of experience working with chiropractors across the country, and those in attendance should also expect healthy doses of humor and compassion during the course.

About Life West CE

Continuing education is a critical part of any practicing chiropractor’s career. The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires 24 hours of continuing education to retain an active license, 12 of which must be completed via in-person seminars or Zoom-style webinars.

Life West offers exceptional continuing education classes for chiropractors. Stay current with mandated licensing requirements as you hone existing skills and learn about new and developing methodologies. See all the CE courses Life West offers online at ce.lifewest.edu.

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