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Chiropractic Care for Local Veterans

UPDATED NOV. 13, 2018: Life West will provide care to both veterans and active-service military at the Hayward Veterans Center, located in the Hayward Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Hayward.

Life West will soon be providing chiropractic care to U.S. veterans at the Hayward VA Center. David Sirovica, a Life West intern, made the connection nearly a year ago and the College has been working hard to bring this relationship to fruition.

After meeting and corresponding with the principals at the VA, Dr. Jack Bourla, former Dean of Clinics, presented the plan to the VA board in January of 2018. Understanding the sensitivity of veteran health issues, Life West decided it would be best to serve veterans in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own building. The Hayward VA board approved the services and Life West is now in a position to provide chiropractic care to local veterans.

Interns who have military experience will preferentially provide care for veterans. The student interns will be overseen and mentored by a DC who is also a veteran. Life West understands that the bond between veterans is strong and having providers who understand the experiences of those returning from service will help ease any stress.

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